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Headquartered in Milwaukee, Liphatech has a long history of advancing the science of rodent management through research and product innovation. Combining the most advanced technology available with the highest level of customer service and technical support, Liphatech provides expertise and solutions that enable alfalfa growers, landowners and certified applicators to quickly achieve the cost-effective management of rodent populations.

Liphatech specializes in servicing agricultural markets, including alfalfa and livestock producers. Its field-use product line includes: Rozol Pocket Gopher Bait, General Use (for hand or probe baiting), Rozol Pocket Gopher Bait, Burrow-Builder Formula, (a Restricted Use Pesticide [RUP], for below-ground use using mechanical burrow builders), and Rozol Ground Squirrel Bait (RUP - for use to control Richardson’s and Columbian Ground Squirrels in Montana). A label for the control of California Ground Squirrels is pending federal registration with the EPA. Liphatech’s animal health product line, focused on livestock producers, includes: FastDraw®, Revolver & Cannon soft baits, and Hombre, BootHill®, & Gunslinger® block and pellet rodenticides, as well as Aegis® tamper-resistant bait stations. Bait formulations include: wax-free soft bait, treated grains, manufactured mini-blocks, bulk pellets, and pellet-place-packs. For more information about Liphatech and its comprehensive line of products, call 888-331-7900 or visit