Jim Kuhn Award

The Jim Kuhn Leadership Award is presented annually to a person or organization for their lasting contributions to the California alfalfa industry. The award was established in 2005 when Kuhn, an industry icon and forage innovator, was killed in a vehicle accident near his ranch in El Centro, CA.  Nominees are judged on their knowledge of alfalfa, record of leadership and the extent and depth of their contributions to the California alfalfa industry. 


2005- Jim Kuhn (awarded posthumously)
2006- Dr. Vern Marble
2007- Mick Canevari
2008- Mel Coelho
2009- Tim Hays
2010- Seth Hoyt
2011- Steve Orloff
2012- Joe Machado
2013- Harry Cline
2014- Dr. Larry Teuber (awarded posthumously)
2015- Mark McCaslin
2016-Tom Ellis
2017-Dan Putnam
2018 - Duane Chamberlain
2019 - Philip Bowles