California Alfalfa & Forage

Building Healthy Forage Systems

November 27-29, 2018
Grand Sierra Resort
Reno, NV
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What is the Alfalfa Symposium?

The California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium is a comprehensive program on the many issues facing alfalfa and forage crops.  Forages represent a major component of western farming and impact many other enterprises such as dairy farming, beef production, sheep, goats, as well as honey, agricultural industries and environmental issues.  This symposium covers topics ranging from economics and markets, regulatory trends, industry issues, pest management, forage quality, irrigation, genetics to impacts and the environment.  The symposium is a “must” for anyone interested in these important crops. 

Organizational Process

The 2018 California Alfalfa & Forage Symposium is organized by members of the University of California Cooperative Extension Alfalfa & Forage Systems Workgroup — extension scientists serving the agriculture community — and growers members of the California Alfalfa & Forage Association.  The symposium is currently in its 48th year, and is hosted by the California Alfalfa & Forage Association, representing thousands of California forage growers. 



Who Should Attend?

Farmers, Pest Control Advisors, Certified Crop Advisors, industry members, agency representatives, Cooperative Extension personnel, and anyone who wishes to be informed about important issues related to alfalfa and forages.

Symposium Presentations

Each year, symposium proceedings are archived. Previous year’s symposia featuring videos, PowerPoints, and proceedings of the talks can be found here.


Schedule at a Glance

Day 1
27 Nov 2018
Day 2
28 Nov 2018
Day 3
29 Nov 2018


Hors d’oeuvres and no host bar

Symposium Main Session

Forage and Dairy Trends  8:00 Welcome  8:10 Current Trends in Western Hay and Forage Markets  8:35 Western Dairy Trends  9:00 Impacts of Trade War on US Forage and Dairy Industries  9:25 Export Hay Situation  9:50 Discussion With break at approximately 10am. Regulations and Economics  10:30 US Farm Bill...
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Symposium Lunch

Jim Kuhn Award Update on California and National Research

Symposium Main Session

Pest Management  1:30 Importance of IPM for Pesticide Resistance Management  1:50 Managing Alfalfa Weevils  2:10 Managing Other Pests (worms, aphids, clover root curculio)  2:30 Managing Nematodes and Diseases  2:50 Discussion 3:00pm BREAK Pest Management  3:30 Managing Weeds in Seedling Alfalfa Stands  3:50 Managing Weeds in Established Alfalfa Stands...
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Exhibitor Reception

Hors d’oeuvres and no host bar

Symposium Main Session

Forage Quality  8:00 Introduction  8:05 Western Dairy Rations and Changing Role of Forages  8:30 Evolution of Laboratory Measurements – Current and Future Possibilities  8:55 Nationwide Reduced Lignin Alfalfa Research  9:30 Seed Company Perspectives on Reduced Lignin Concept – Round Table  9:55 Discussion 10:00 BREAK Water Management and Productivity ...
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